Best Not-So-Metal Albums of 2011

I started putting together my year-end list and I got to a point where I was composing a list of albums that didn’t really fit into the metal category. This list became long enough that I decided to give it its own list (post), separate from all the others. you see, 2011 has been an odd year for me. I have started to experiment with other genres outside of the metal realm.  I’ve done this before to an extent, but not as much as I have this year. Some of this is due to a few albums on this list. There is no rule in metal that says that you only have to listen to metal. Sure, you are going to be ridiculed if you are caught listening to some genres, but if you keep your mind open to new, intelligent music, then you open yourself up for new discovery and and a whole new world of musical enjoyment. Just keep that in your mind. With that, lets take a look at some really great albums of 2011 that are not-so-metal. These are by no means in any particular order.

Best Not-So-Metal Albums of 2011

Graveyard – Hinsingen Blues — For the classic rock-blues fan that can really appreciate the sounds of yesteryear. (Read the review)

Beardfish – Mammoth — This album screams early prog with a lot of King Crimson influence. (Read the review)

Opeth – Heritage — Dry your crying eyes. This album, while not like any other Opeth album (even Damnation), is truly a work of art.

Hugh LaurieLet Them Talk — Wait, isn’t that the guy from the extremely repetitive and annoying television show “House”? Why, yes it is. He’s also a very gifted musician that enjoys playing blues.

Alex Skolnick Trio Veritas — A lot of metal musicians from the early thrash era have a background in jazz. Testament’s Alex Skolnick is one of them and he does it well.

Devin Townsend – Ghost — A very soothing, atmospheric album, to put it quite simply.

Karmakanic – In A Perfect World — Swedish proggy/rock that makes for a very interesting listen with Yes, Genesis and EL&P influences.

Riverside – Memories in My Head — 3 songs. Over 30 minutes of listening time. These Pols create some great music with this album and I’ve heard that they have a back catalog of great tunes. Check out the second track from the album on Youtube.

Steven Wilson – Grace For Drowning — If you dig Porcupine Tree, then there should be no reason why you wouldn’t like Steven Wilson’s solo work and latest effort. I can’t wait to hear his collaboration with Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt (Storm Corrosion).

Yes – Fly From Here — Who, wait, what? Probably the last band you expected to see on this list. Yes are still around, even though they recorded with “stand in” vocalist Benoit David, who has been standing in for a long time for long time singer Jon Anderson. I really don’t know what the story is with him, but this album is good despite what a lot of veteran Yes fans say.

So there you have it. Open yourself up to other music and avoid being a stereotypical knuckle-dragging metal head. Besides, it is always nice to have music you can listen to while your parents are around, especially when you’re my age.


0 responses to “Best Not-So-Metal Albums of 2011

  1. I should really give that Devin Townsend album a shot. I got so tired of everyone gushing over it just like the band Ghost that I avoided it. Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend.

  2. Ghost (The band) was pretty cool, yet I only found it initially interesting and quite easily forgettable. Devin’s album on the other hand is good mind-numbing, driving music that puts you at ease with everything.

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