Could Rock of Ages Be The Worst Modern Musical Ever?

I usually avoid musicals especially musicals from the past 20 years or so. The concept of thin plots and dialogue being sung and danced too just doesn’t jive with me. Now I’ll occasionally hit up the old MGM musicals but even then I’m pretty selective on which ones I like. The upcoming movie Rock of Ages based on the Broadway musical is not going to change my mind based on the trailer I’ve seen. From the director of Hairspray it says and that means nothing to me. I didn’t like Hairspray and though the setting for this should peak my interest I can already tell what a fabulous mess this is. I hate it when people put together projects like this that have had absolutely no experience in the time period or setting of the material.

This looks like Glee mixed with High School Musical and every cliche from the hair band scene all mixed into a clueless stew. Tom Cruise looks like a handsome Iggy Pop with a character name of someone that should have had a mountain of hairsprayed peroxide follicles and a pound of makeup on. Alec Baldwin’s wig looks like they used the same wig from the fat guy in Rock Star and Catherine Zeta Jones is melodramatically overacting the character of a PMRC bitch. Except for the fact that the PMRC fought to get records labelled with a warning sticker not shutting down rock clubs. Hurr hurr look at the irony of them singing We’re Not Gonna Take it.

I can’t wait to see yet another flick that tackles the subject of groupies, country bumpkins coming to L.A. for their big break and losers that become famous. All in the midst of some of the most overplayed radio rock tunes ever. Check out the trailer after the jump and tell me what you think.


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