Here’s a Couple of Funny Pictures Facebook Friends Posted.

This time of year is traditionally the slowest time for posting anything due to the craziness that is Christmas (New Years not so much). But sitting on Facebook too much can reap some rewards, in this case a couple of funny metal pics got posted and I figured I’d share.

Draeden found this gem and posted it on his wall. So if you’re ever tired of your sign being a goat with a fish’s ass (Mine) or a chick holding up scales or named after a deadly disease but be a crab (veneral disease), just look at this pic and feel better about your zodiac. On a side note Draeden’s is perfect for him there.

Next up is one that Tre Watson just posted on his wall.

Burger King is one of my least favorite burger joints. The Whopper is fucking bland and the fries aren’t much better. Now if King would buy the chain I would probably eat there. Though on second thought based on the source material of his music over the decades….I might want to reconsider.


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