Are You Looking for Awesome Metal Internet Radio? Evil Broadcasting Network Can Help.

I remember back before Napster took off and internet radio was a new thing. I use Winamp still to this day as my default player for music and back then Shoutcast was the go to place for internet radio because let’s face it, mainstream radio sucks ass. Well it seemed that for awhile a lot of these Shoutcast stations started dropping off and I hadn’t really messed with much internet radio other then Pandora and even that was not much. Well we fast forward to now and I got an e-mail asking us to check out the Evil Broadcasting Network and lo and behold they’re running Shoucast as their engine on their own domain and the first two tracks that I heard were Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast and Ministry’s Psalm 69. I was sold. Here is the Bio on the site and you can go here to check them out.

In November 2007 The Evil Broadcasting Network was formed to produce The Radio Hell Show over several media outlets. In August 2009 Evil was formed to provide underground heavy metal internet radio 24-7 without the bullshit that other stations broadcast. The staff at Evil Broadcasting consists of total metal heads and we do this for the love of heavy metal. We are spreading evil through out the world one victim at a time. We do not believe in any religions and do not indorse any religions because they are all fake. We believe Evil is many things, everyone in the world has good and evil within themselves. Our job is to bring the evil side out of you through some kick ass heavy metal music. As we enter our 3rd year at Evil, We want to thank all the listeners who helped us build a solid foundation. Together, us true metal heads can destroy the heavy metal commercial stations with nothing but Evil.


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