R.I.P. David Gold (Woods Of Ypres)

I’m going to keep this brief. I woke up this morning to a huge “What the fuck?”. In shocking news this morning Woods Of Ypres’ David Gold passed away last night. Apparently he died in a car accident in Ontario, Canada. He was only 31. Here is what Earache Records posted on their facebook. No further information has been released.

We’ve just heard that David Gold of Woods of Ypres passed away last night in an accident near Barrie, ON, Canada. From all of us at Earache our deepest sympathies to your family, bandmates and friends. We are all devastated, such a terrible waste of talent. R.I.P. David.

I’m sure they mean well, but that last line of “Such a terrible waste of talent” kind of makes me bitter. Anyway, Rest In Peace, David Gold. You will be missed.


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