News of David Gold’s Passing Hits On A Personal Level

I am quite literally stunned at this very moment. If you didn’t see Scott’s earlier post David Gold, the founder and frontman for Canadian blackend doom metal band Woods of Ypres, died last night due to an automobile accident in his home province of Ontario. Words cannot express my sympathies and sorrows for the Gold family and everyone involved in the Woods of Ypres project. This band over the past two years had just started garnering a big following since signing with Earache Records and the latest album Woods V was due to be released at the end of January next year of which I was going to do a review and news like this makes this even more tragic. He was only 31. But it goes beyond that. Usually on news like this there is shock depending on who the individual is or indifference because in both cases there was no interaction with the bandmember. This time is different.

You see, I had been in one on one communications with David just a few months ago in regards to an interview. I had tried at about the same time last year to garner one through Earache and due to employee turnover it never reached the band. So I had posted an article about the lineup changes that had occurred earlier in the year and my words triggered an almost scathing e-mail from David as he thought I was trying to impugn the bands name. I wasn’t and I cleared the air in the post. Once we got everything straight David was gracious and asked me to resend my interview questions to him and that he would send them back to me. After a few delays and promises of sending them back I had yet to receive them. I’m not sure if he ultimately forgot or if the questions were crap and now I guess we’ll never know.

The point of this whole post is we tend to view bands and their members as objects that create music for us to either hate or love. And we tend to pass judgement one way or another without getting to know people. Running a site like this affords us the opportunity to occasionally get beyond the objectification. The fact that David Gold found my article on my little insignificant site and corresponded with me on a level beyond just exchanging (un)pleasantries and even followed us on Twitter was a great experience. And so with news of his passing so suddenly and much too soon really hits hard. I’m not calling for people to change their ways on how they treat bands on the internet, just be aware sometimes that some of the targets of scorn or adulation are human beings that are sensitive and passionate about their project. David Gold was one such person. R.I.P. David and again….from all of us at That Devil Music our condolences go out to everyone in the Gold and Woods family.


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