A Review of That Devil Music Events For 2011

Christmas has come and gone and now a new year approaches. And like I’ve done the past two years I’d like to take this time to go over the key things about 2011. Let’s start off by talking about That Devil Music. To say 2011 was the biggest year in TDM’s existence would be an understatement. After over two years of sitting on Google’s blogspot we became our own domain in March thanks to Scott and really ramped up content on the site. We had a bunch of interviews and more album reviews then ever before. And as usual we covered news and commented on the dubious actions by some pretty well known bands. We welcomed some new contributors, some who popped in briefly never to be seen again and some that continue to throw up a post now and then. We held a contest to give away some Tesla swag which yielded the biggest one in pageviews we’ve ever had with almost 2000 pageviews. We became good friends with the members of Hemoptysis and Ana Kefr and probably made people sick of hearing about them but tough shit. They’re great so check them out. We also featured our first ever compilation featuring 17 different unsigned or independent acts of which Hemoptysis and Ana Kefr were also featured.The second half of the year was much less eventful due to various different things. Cramming 160 posts in a month and trying to maintain a schedule every day was not working. Especially when real life kept intruding at an increasing rate. So I believe the past few months is about as much content a month as you will get which means more of the important articles and other things will get posted and I’ll still be able to take care of other business. After the jump is some psuedo awards I want to give out to the people and events that marked this year.

Most Important TDM Interviews
Liv Kristine : One of the most influential women in metal.

Steve ‘Zetro’ Sousa : Legend of Bay Area Thrash

Stefan Kauffman : Involved in the European traditional metal takeover in the 80’s.

Worst Interview
Troy Lucketta : Tesla drummer had the opportunity to give great answers about a bygone era and dropped the ball.

New Writers that graced TDM

Ken our retro guy that managed to at times dig up some truly obscure stuff from the early 80’s.

Masaki of Hemoptysis put in a couple of entries in the Hemoptyblog.

Sawyer’s Shred Spotlight were in depth and informative pieces about influential guitar players.

Paracletus had a few posts about the doom and black metal scene

Most disappointing news about band departures

Yes it’s true, Roy Khan left Kamelot over a year ago. Tell a friend. This is the most viewed article that still gets hits every day though it broke in the spring. Kamelot will not be the same.

Lisa Johansson leaving Draconian. I’m still bummed about this.

Trolls flocked to these the most

Articles about 5FDP or BVB. Don’t worry people, I personally will not be covering these douchebags anymore even though I’m going to lose alot of pageviews. I need to not be a hypocrite and go back to not giving press to things I think suck. Unless they do something stupid like break their ribs or face by giving a “show”.

Worst Album Review

Diamond Plate : I still stand by the fact I think the vocalist sucks but this was my worst review because I had so many factual errors in there that it made the fanboys have an impression that I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about even though the point was I didn’t like the album. I’m not wrong about what I like or don’t like. Still the review was a mess but was one of the reasons why I changed my format to a good, bad , and ugly format and ditched the rating system.

So that pretty much covers the year in review for the website. Keep an eye out on a fallen heroes post and some New Years anticipated lists and goals for TDM.


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