Rob's Anticipated List For 2012

Let’s hope that the Mayans were not correct shall we? Especially before some of the bands release material I’ve been waiting for. 2011 was a pretty good year for metal especially in terms of discovering bands I hadn’t heard of before but since that is yet to be determined for next year I want to take a look at some of the bands I’m anxiously awaiting material from. And here….we….go.

Swallow the Sun: Arguably my favorite Finnish band is set to release their next album ‘Emerald Forest and the Blackbird’ in February and it’ll be interesting to see if they can retake their crown after Insomnium released their excellent album. The last album ‘New Moon’ was probably my least favorite so here’s hoping there is no more back sliding.

Epica: I’m not a fan of their whack a doo world perspective but I’d like to see if Requiem for the Indifferent continues the upward slide from 2009’s Design Your Universe in terms of solid music.

3 Inches of Blood: I’m hoping with a new start with Century Media’s PR people that I’m going to have some cool things to share with you all. Not to mention I’m just flat out stoked for a new album. These guys do need to take it somewhat easy on the touring though because I’d hate to see any burnout just when they’re really drawing in the fans.

Accept: Blood of the Nations was a very nice surprise on how good it was. Hopefully Stalingrad will be too.

Alice in Chains: I haven’t heard anything about an album released this year but it’s on Wikipedia’s page so maybe. I can’t see being disappointed in my favorite grunge era band.

Barren Earth: I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out with members of BE also being in STS unless they tour together which would be awesome.

Be’lakor: Awesome melodeath band from Australia which I have yet to talk about on this site because well….they haven’t been up to much yet since 2009’s Stone Reach. Trust me you will hear about them if you haven’t already the closer it gets to release.

Candlemass: The last ever album by these legendary Swedes. I’m hoping it’s good. I’m also hoping Solitude Aeternus reforms in the wake of this.

Dimmu Borgir: Mock me all you want. I think this band is great and they’re currently working on a 20th anniversary album.

Kamelot: Only to see who they picked as replacement singer and if the album is any good.

Overkill: One of my favorite thrash bands and are due to release their followup to Ironbound which was one of the best in their long and prolific career.

Sabaton: I can’t get tired of this retro traditional metal band from Sweden that sings about historic wars all the time. King of Wars is actually the tentative title of the new album.

Slayer: Will a new album arise this year and will it finally get above meh status since Seasons of the Abyss?

Swallow the Sun: Finland is putting out some strong releases this year.

Tool: It’s just rumors for now but supposedly Tool is releasing something in 2012. If it happens, great, I just hope I like it.

Testament: And the best for last. Testament is set to release The Dark Roots of Earth early next year and I positively can’t wait. Young thrash bands, when I listen to you I’m measuring you against Testament. Without a doubt my favorite thrash band post 1990.

So it’s looking like 2012 is set to be heavy with thrash and symphonic metal. That’s cool with me. So what are you folks looking forward too.


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