Woods Of Ypres – Travelling Alone

Another Woods Of Ypres single has been released from the upcoming release, Grey Skies & Electric Light. You can also hear more tracks that have leaked after the fold. I really wish they had not, but I suppose you cannot stop the inevitable. As every song and the eventual release of the album gets closer, it makes David’s passing suck just that much more. Once again, R.I.P. David Gold and condolences to the Gold family. The following statement was released by David Gold’s sister, Marie.

“Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all who wrote me letters for David’s memorial. They were all put on display for his friends and family to view during visitation. Everyone really enjoyed reading them, and it offered an opportunity for us to see just how influential he was. The funeral home was set up as a concert hall with his drum set, four guitars, amps, and a Woods of Ypres merch table. If you had sent me an e-mail regarding merch, the concert, or documentary, please be patient as we address each one personally. Thank you for your continued support.”

Marie & the Gold family”


0 responses to “Woods Of Ypres – Travelling Alone

  1. Earache offered up a download link to the album in honor of David’s passing. I thought I posted about it but maybe I didn’t. But regardless these leaks are probably a result of that.

    • I don’t think you did. I would love for them to do such a thing, but I honestly hope he rest of the contributing members would be in agreement to this before they did it. I’ll save my opinions for the review.

    • Sadly I can’t. Metal Injection is where I had received my information and I just went to the link and it says it has either received it’s download limit or expired.

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