Draeden’s Top 5 of 2011 (lazy git)


So Rob’s already done his top releases of 2011, all 20 of them! I’m not that adventurous. To be honest, I’m sure a LOT’S come out during 2011 that’s been amazing and as well as a must have; unfortunately – I lost my hard drive a month or so ago and I’m really trying to NOT torrent music anymore. So, with that being said the only albums I have available in my iTunes are ones I’ve purchased. So basically, it comes down to if it’s good enough to buy, I bought it. If I don’t have it, well then, you know…

So, in going though my iTunes library and looked through my Heavy and Metal albums and have decided on 5 albums that I loved enough to spend my money on and want to take the time to rave about. So here they are.

This is really hard, believe it or not. There are quite a few albums I’ve reviewed and recommended highly, but when I look at plays in my history and think about the impact that the music drove into my consciousness, I have do omit gems like Sons of Season’s “Magnisphyricon” and Stream of Passion’s “Darker Days” – which I hated to do.

5. Breva – American Landscape

I had to start off with Breva for two reasons. One – it’s not quite metal, though the content is hard enough to warrant being here. Two – I could NOT let my list exist without flamboasting about this brilliant album again. Breva, out of Sacramento, CA might not be signed, might not be well known – but their impact on my musical enjoyment doesn’t care. They’re amazingly talented musicians and songwriters. They’re music is pure and honest and fucking rules.

4. Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising

Amon Amarth’s may sing about the Gods of the Norse Pantheon, but to me they are Gods. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see them on stage, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They warriors of metal blast your eardrums with the force of Thor’s hammer Mjölnir. I saw them this year touring for Surtur’s Rising and I’m pretty sure was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen!

3. Blackguard – Firefight

Another band who I absolutely love and listen to all the time. Blackguard, from Canada is just amazing. If you looked up Heavy Metal in the dictionary you’d see their band’s logo – because they’re as hardcore and the hardest working band as it gets. They give blood, sweat and more blood at every show. They jump on every tour known to man to get their names out there. They sacrifice so much to bring music they they think needs to be heard to the masses. And you know what, I think so too! Blackguard is epic metal at its best and with Firefight, their sophomore release, they’re proving that they get better with time.

2. Serenity – Death and Legacy

I said before and I’ll say it again. When I first heard Serenity’s “Death and Legacy”, I didn’t know what to make of it – but my love for power metal won in the end and I realized that this album is freaking amazing. The grand scale of the journey at which this album takes you is stellar. The song-writing is briliant, every song’s a winner – and who doesn’t love the sexy songstresses who guest appear like Charlotte Wessels, Ailyn and Amanda Sommerville.

1. Van Canto – Break the Silence

What else did you expect? Not only is Van Canto one of my ALL TIME favourite bands, Break the Silence is one of my all time fav CD’s. BTS goes all over the place with epic, upbeat metal to the beautiful haunting ballads (sung by Inga) that just melt you. For me, fucking Van Canto fucking rules and I could not see myself being able to love music again, if amazingly unique and perfectly fan-fucking-tastic stuff like this didn’t exist. Raka-Taka Mother Fuckers!


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