Want to See Alice Cooper,Steven Tyler, and Wierd Al Perform the Beatle’s Come Together? Of Course You Do.

My wife posted this on her Facebook and it was too cool to not to share here. Apparently at a New Years Eve party in Hawaii for a private benefit one of the highlights was to get two legendary frontmen paired up with Wierd Al to sing Come Together by the Beatles. I would just like to say that both Steven and Alice were teenagers when this song was released and should have had the words memorized however it was Wierd Al that did not require a lyric sheet. Take note that one of the guitar players is Bob Rock who we all know assisted Metallica in ruining their legacy. Someone in the Youtube comments was gracious enough to post what this whole thing was about but see if you can pick out anybody else in this of note.

“Steven Tyler joined Alice Cooper’s band (Damon Johnson- gtr, Glen Sobel- drums, Tommy Henriksen- gtr, Chuck Garric- bass) for a NYE celebration in Maui at a private benefit event. The night saw Alice and his band play host to and backup several other industry heavy weights such as Pat Simmons & Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers, Weird Al Yankovic, Mike Myers, producer Bob Rock and others. The event was emceed by Tom Arnold with several other celebrities in attendance.”


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