Devil’s Review: Rammstein – Made in Germany 1995-2011

I hadn’t intended for this to be the first review for 2012 but I’m late in my promised review of this so figured I’d get this done soon. So about Rammstein I like most Americans discovered this industrial metal band thanks to the song ‘Du Hast’ being played on MTV. I liked that track so much and was starving for heavy music in the mid 90’s that I did something I never did again and purchased the album it resided on ‘Sehnsucht’ without understanding any words in German. It didn’t matter about the language barrier, the songs had such infectious riffs that it still drew me in on repeated listens. But like most Americans that were fed a diet of MTV music once Du Hast ran out of steam stateside I didn’t bother to continue to keep tabs on Rammstein until many years later. After my reawakening to heavy music early in the 2000’s I went back to catch up on what I missed and Rammstein never let up. Album after album had the same riff laden music that I came to love on Sehnsucht. So now we fast forward to 2011 and the band released has released a greatest hits package entitled ‘Made in Germany 1995-2011’ which they had a successful rare U.S tour for and will be doing a second leg for in the spring of 2012.

My personal view on greatest hits albums is that they should be directed at casual fans who may be familiar with just hits or don’t want to invest in multiple albums by an artist when they only like a few songs. To say Made in Germany falls into this realm may be the exception to the rule much like Rammstein is on and off the stage. You see, being in the U.S. I’m probably more disconnected with Rammstein then Europeans are therefore my idea of what songs and albums that are represented is probably different then our German friends. If I had my way Sehnsucht would be heavily represented but looking at the track list it’s clear which album is the favorite outside of my home turf. Out of the 16 tracks, 5 are off the the follow up ‘Mutter’. Reise Reise is second with 4 tracks and the U.S. favorite Sehnsucht only has two songs. All in all it doesn’t matter because all of the songs on this hits collection are great listens. The second disc is remixes of the same songs which means they are heavily technofied. The one bonus to this album is the song Mein Land that was written expressively for this collection and in English translates to My Country. A very fitting song to close out this album with.

All in all if you are a fan of Rammstein and want an album to encapsulate Rammstein’s career to maybe introduce them to the uninitiated then Made in Germany would be the way to go about it. Here is the track listing off disc one and the album each track represents to help you decide if you want to pick this up.

1. “Engel” (Angel) Sehnsucht 4:23
2. “Links 2-3-4” (Left 2-3-4) Mutter 3:40
3. “Keine Lust” (No Desire) Reise, Reise 3:42
4. “Mein Teil” (My Part) Reise, Reise 4:38
5. “Du Hast” (You Have) Sehnsucht 3:54
6. “Du Riechst So Gut” (You Smell So Good) Herzeleid 4:32
7. “Ich Will” (I Want) Mutter 3:37
8. “Mein Herz Brennt” (My Heart Burns) Mutter 4:40
9. “Mutter” (Mother) Mutter 4:28
10. “Pussy” Liebe ist Für Alle da 3:58
11. “Rosenrot” (Rose-red) Rosenrot 3:52
12. “Haifisch” (Shark) Liebe ist Für Alle da 3:42
13. “Amerika” (America) Reise, Reise 3:47
14. “Sonne” (Sun) Mutter 4:05
15. “Ohne Dich” (Without You) Reise, Reise 4:30
16. “Mein Land” (My Country) Made in Germany 1995–2011 3:53


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  1. I listened to this as I’d only heard “Du Hast” back in the 90’s like you did, and I was wondering what all of the hooplah around this band was. I gotta say it was rather good and made me interested in actually listening to some of their albums, where my back off before was the fact that I didn’t understand any German!

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