Rebirth’s Method of Getting Recording Funds Is Entertaining

Kickstarter is one of the new ways up and coming or struggling bands use to get funds together to get their albums recorded and distributed these days. And while most of the time I see bands begging and pleading, Scottsdale Arizona’s Rebirth have used threatening humor to get their message across. Here is their “plea” if you will for example courtesy of Michael “Fucking” Beck:

“I’ve decided that if the extreme metal community does not step up in getting this REBIRTH album completed that we are going to re-write what we’ve already recorded and make it sound like an even more commercialized version of 5 Finger Death Punch, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park. I will then make sure to advertise it to the world as being an extreme metal album. Our past releases have had over 2 million downloads with only 200 of them paid for. Do your part and we’ll do ours. Watch the video at the link below.”

Whoa, that’s a pretty scary threat considering how much shit I’ve given two of those three bands the past year. And like the man says, here is the video.

And finally if you go to Rebirth’s actual Kickstarter page check out the goal and what you get for every level you chip in for. Good stuff. Now I have no idea how good this band actually is…yet….but based on all of this I at least think the band could use some money just for being entertaining.


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