Swallow the Sun Debut The Video For ‘Cathedral Walls’ From the New Album

As we get closer to the February 13th release of Swallow the Sun’s Emerald Forest and the Blackbird the hype machine goes faster including the release of music videos. In this case it’s for the track ‘Cathedral Walls’ that features Annette Olzon of Nightwish on vocals. I really need to stop with the knee jerk asshole remarks I make sometimes. Back in November I wasn’t too kind with the prospect of her appearing on this album. To be fair that was written right after seeing her go way over the top and ridiculous in their own video debut. Once again I have to eat my own words though because on this particular song her vocals fit very nicely. I’m not sure how I feel about the track just yet as it seems to fall into the “I have to be in the mood” category since the first half is almost a funeral doom style tempo though the second half kicks in with Mikko Kotamäki’s excellent growls and does give off a Draconian type of vibe. For those uninitiated that is not Annette Olzon in the video as she was probably too busy with Nightwish at the time of this filming. Still, I’m stoked about a new STS release and hopefully you can check out this video below. If not you can go to Terrorizer’s website and check it out since they’re officially supposed to be debuting it.


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