Hide Your Orcs. 3 Inches of Blood to Release ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ In March

This time of the year is great as bands that I anticipate starting the press ball rolling. In this case Canada’s own 3 Inches of Blood is set to release the new album ‘Long Live Heavy Metal’ on March 27th. Based on the title alone I have a feeling that the traditional metal vibe from the 80’s will be a strong presence on this album . 3IOB seems to flirt with different styles with each release with Here Waits They Doom having some 70’s metal influences on it. Regardless, i’ve enjoyed all of their releases to this point so I’m hoping the trend continues. Also check for them on the Metal Alliance tour starting March 16th with Devildriver,Dying Fetus,Job for a Cowboy,The Faceless, and a few others. Interesting that these guys tag on these tours with some of the most brutal(and sometimes generic) bands yet 3IOB hasn’t ever been a truly punishing band themselves. Oh well the year is starting to look up already.


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