Blood Ceremony is Reissuing Their Debut. Get Your Flute On.

There is alot of hype among the blogosphere for the new Devil’s Blood album coming out soon but for my money I enjoy Blood Ceremony so much more. Want proof? I ranked them in my top 20 and Draeden gave a glowing review of their second release ‘Living with the Ancients’ that I agree with. Well today in my mailbox it appears that on the heels of the critical claim they got for that album last year, Metal Blade is reissuing the self titled debut from 2008. And personally, as much as I liked Ancients, I enjoyed this release even more. There is more flutes, organs, and just catchier retro 60’s hippy melodies. Keep your eye out on February 14th (Valentines Day) for the reissue. If you like Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull,Black Sabbath or any of those old Woodstock era bands then you’ll like Blood Ceremony. Here is an example.

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  1. I may have to give this one another listen. I had purchased from Rise Above way back when but didn;t keep it long. Remember getting it along with the Diagonal album and quickly recycling both. For Blood Ceremony, I recall Alia O’Brien’s vocals being the sticking point for me but now you have me re-intrigued…

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