A Message About SOPA/PIPA On This Day of Internet Strike

You may have noticed the pop up when you came to That Devil Music in regards to combating censorship. Hopefully if you haven’t done so yet you’ve become educated on what’s happening on the Internet front and at least taken some form of action yourself. As someone who believes strongly in the liberties of human beings I can’t also stand by and allow legislation of good intent pass and become, in my view, martial law for the Internet. Government has wanted to regulate the Internet for a long time due to pornography and it’s more insidious offspring and the SOPA/PIPA Acts are no different in regards to their intent. They’re written to protect on the surface but in reality laws get broken and in many cases get abused by individuals with the power to do so. Here is a video on what PIPA can do if you haven’t seen it.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

The U.S. government’s primary focus is to protect and defend the Constitution and the citizens of the United States. Over the past twenty years these ideals have been chipped away and eroded to where it’s more of a facade to say it’s a free country then actually being one. Our government forced their version of healthcare on individuals and small businesses, allowed for law enforcement to spy without warrants,bailed out major corporations, and destroyed the housing market and now they want to cater to the needs of the entertainment industry by giving the ability to shut down and blacklist internet sites without due process. While I agree that piracy is a problem, it will always be a problem and it is up to the industries in question to protect themselves internally to prevent it. Asking the government to give them godlike powers to destroy the internet is not the way to do it. Innovations like Itunes were spawned from Napster based on the judicial system but things like SOPA would circumvent the courts and stifle innovations altogether. Free ideas and thought would be stifled and a rollback to the technologies of the AOL era would be king. We’re not Communist like China yet and acts like these are eerily similar to what oppressive governments already do around the world. And no ones wants that.

So with that being said and before I continue on my tirade, the government has intruded enough in our every day lives. Enough is enough. Regardless of your political leanings, if SOPA/PIPA becomes a reality it will effect EVERYONE not just the special interest groups. So be patient with the sites for one day as the strike commences and if you’re feeling really adventurous find out how you can get involved further. Thank you.


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