Listen To Mike Portnoy's Adrenaline Mob Sound Vaguely Like Other Bands

So what has Mr. Portnoy been up to now that his former band mates have released an album and been nominated for their first Grammy without him? As usual some side deals but the primary focus has been Adrenaline Mob with Symphony X’s Russell Allen on vocals. So you might be thinking….”Wow two members of arguably the two greatest prog metal bands joining forces, this ought to be awesome”, right? Well if the rest of the Omerta album is anything like the video released for the track ‘Undaunted’ you’re probably going to be extremely disappointed. Absolutely no hint of prog and in fact this song by itself is like a mixture of 5FDP lyrics, Godsmack angst, and Disturbed melodies. I like the vocal approach by Russell on here and if he had sung like that on most of the Symphony X albums I’d probably like them more but I can’t get past the pedestrian musicianship from supposedly world class musicians and terrible lyrics. I’ll probably still give it a shot when it releases but it better get better then this. Here is the video for your assessment.


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