Approved By the Devil: The Noumenon

For me when a band calls themselves progressive or technical death metal and they’re just starting out, there is always a bit of trepidation on my part going in. It’s either a wall of noise with too guttural of vocals or massive amounts of weedily deedily highlighted by chaotic vocals. However I was approached by Devon Wolfe who is the drummer for a progressive death metal unit out of Edmonton,Alberta,Canada to check out his band ,The Noumenon, and their EP Apocrypha. And since his e-mail was gracious and polite to start out with ( I did say they were Canadian) I decided to give a listen. And this ladies and gentlemen is what I look for when listening to progressive or tech death.

Apocrypha is technical but it’s structured and not just a showcase of guitar squeals, blast beats, and cookie monster vocals. There are four songs to this and each one is different in order to display I’m assuming the band’s influences. I can pick up on a bit of Abysmal Dawn, Opeth , Nile and a few others in each song. There are passages of pure brutal heaviness, some clean vocals that are really good and some groove. So in short there is a little bit of everything for everyone into progressive extreme music. Bottom line if the Noumenon is interested in getting signed to a label then it needs to be done because there is some good stuff here and I’d like to see and hear more from these guys. Here is the EP of Apocrypha for your listening pleasure.

The Noumenon are:

Andreas Winkelmann (6 string bass/vocals)
Ben Harbak (guitar/vocals)
Blair Butcher (7 string guitar)
Devon Wolfe (drums)
Kyle Cusiac (vocals/keyboards)

For more information on the guys you can go to these locations:

Official Website



0 responses to “Approved By the Devil: The Noumenon

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, I even got to watch them practice the EP at their jam space in June, and all I can say is that I can’t wait to see where these guys go.

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