Halestorm's EP 'Hello, it's Mz Hyde' Is balls out, hard rock at its best!


One of my favourite bands to come out of the woodwork as of late is Halestorm. I fucking love this band. The music is pure and honest rock and roll. The band perfectly executes each song (every time!) and Lzzy’s sultry vocals are as sexy as they are full of bad-assery. So coloured me all shades of excited when I found out they’re close to releasing a new album.

They already blew me away with their cd of cover tunes called “ReAniMate: The CoVeRs” and their latest EP, Hello, it’s Mz Hyde (which is a teaser for the new album “The Strange Case Of…” is amazing.

If you buy the EP on their official website you can buy the album when it comes out and they’ll minus the three or four bucks when you check out. I would have bought them either way though, just to support these brilliant musicians.

So, on the EP aptly named “Hello…it’s Mz Hyde” shows their mild side and their wild side. Love Bites (So Do I) is typical Lzzy – balls and all.

Rock Show (video below) is a live show anthem that just kills me during the chorus – oh that voice. I hear this and want to throw up devil horns, a lighter and toast these guys with a cold one!

Daughters of Darkness is probably my fav so far and it’s so awesome I can’t even describe without saying ‘epic’ a hundred times. Just give it a listen yourself.

Rounding out Mz Hyde is “Here’s to Us” which is a brilliant slow-ride, drink raising song that’s obviously a thank you to their fans; full of naughty language and great hooks. Another excellent tune.

Get yourself a copy of The Strange Case Of… when it hits stores April 10, 2012. Oh, and tell ’em to go fuck themselves! – best line ever!

If you wanna learn more about Halestorm, and I know you sexy bitches do, click here.

Here’s Daughters of Darkness

Rock Show!


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