Do You Want Bill Ward Onboard With Black Sabbath? Facebook Might Be Able To Help

I wanted to see if this was truly going to be a thing before I posted about it. But in the wake of the drama of Bill Ward not agreeing to what he declared as a unfair contract it appears that the rest of Sabbath are soldiering on with a new album and tour plans. There are unsubstantiated rumors that Tommy Clufetos from Ozzy’s band is sitting in the stead of Ward but so far that is just rumors. True or not though it was enough to start an online rally for Bill Ward to be involved and to be payed whatever it is he needs to be payed to get this to happen. If you believe this should be the full on redo of the complete original lineup then head over to this Facebook page and hit like. When I did it the humber was at around 4000 of the million it states it wants but now it’s over 20,000 in just a few hours. I’ve already said my piece on this and it may not accomplish anything but in this day in age of social media swaying decisions it’s better then nothing. And I’m pretty sure Bill would be moved.


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