Who’s Ready For Some New Kreator?

You’d think someone with an ear for thrash would be a bigger fan of Kreator. There’s no denying the guys from Germany are legends in the genre and prolific as hell with 13 studio albums under the belt. That includes the new one that is coming out entitled ‘Phantom Antichrist’ which is due on June 5th in North America. I think my problem is that when I’ve listened to Kreator before like the last album Hordes of Chaos I can’t get past the fact that this band sounds a lot like Slayer and that there wasn’t too much deviation in songs. But it’s also been two years since I’ve listened to Hordes of Chaos. Since then my tastes have changed quite a bit in quite a few areas so I’m probably going to give this a go and see how it turns out. I mean how could I not when the artwork once again is pretty kick ass and a throwback to evil and epic artwork from the 80’s? So I have to ask again, who’s ready for some Kreator?

0 responses to “Who’s Ready For Some New Kreator?

  1. Wow, now THAT is some cover art!

    I never really listened to these guys as much as I would have liked to. Always heard the name, but to be honest the most significant thing I know about them is that they come from Essen, which the town I live in was named after.

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