Devil's Briefview: Lamb Of God – Resolution

What is it about Lamb Of God that has seemed to have lost steam with a lot of fans. I’m not sure, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter because they are still releasing solid album and have yet to release a bad one. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are starting to sound, um, the same. Do we really expect them to evolve into something that we are going to resent like another band we need not mention? Of course not. Regardless, Lamb Of God will continue to roll out new music every couple of years for their fans to enjoy.

Resolution is no different. Filled with deep grooves and crusty riffs with jagged edges, Resolution is balls to the wall L.O.G. heavy metal. While Resolution doesn’t do a whole lot to be an “epic” album, it doesn’t do anything to make you not want to listen to it. Blythe is still Blythe; Morton is still Morton; Campbell is Campbell, and the Adler Brothers do what they do best. Resolution is nothing short of a great Lamb Of God album and that’s about all I can really say about it.


2 responses to “Devil's Briefview: Lamb Of God – Resolution

  1. I’m really late to the LoG party but I enjoyed Wrath. I’m not sure if I like this one as much but I’m glad to see them finally start to find their own identity instead of the generic Pantera worship from the early releases.

    • I’ve never found any resemblance between them and Pantera, especially in their eralier work. If anything, they sound more like them now, but I still don’t think so.

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