Devil’s Review: Red Lamb

Red Lamb

  1. The Cage
  2. One Shell (in The Chamber)
  3. Standby Passenger
  4. Runaway Train
  5. Puzzle Box
  6. Get Up
  7. Don’t Threaten To Love Me
  8. Angels of War
  9. Watchman
  10. Warpaint
  11. Temptation
  12. Keep Pushing Me

Awhile back it was announced that former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz was working on a project called Red Lamb with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine. Contrary to what a lot of people believed at the time, Dave Mustaine’s involvement was not as a singer or guitarist but as a co-songwriter and co-producer of the album. Spitz plays all guitars on the album, to include bass guitar. On drums is Patrick Johansson, currently Yngwie Malmsteen’s drummer, and he has played with many notable bands throughout his career. On vocals is Don Chaffin. Don is the vocalist of V.O.X. (Voices Of Extreme) and also owns a video production company called DCity Studios. The album was dropped out of left field with no prior or proper press release, but it’s been getting a decent amount of attention since its release on February 6th. Dan Spitz decided to release the album unmastered, straight from the mixer through iTunes and I bought it the following day as soon as I heard about it. I honestly wasn’t sure if I made a wise purchase at first, but I’ve played it all the way through at least 8 times in the last 4 days. With that said, let’s get started.

In total there are twelve tracks and almost 48 minutes of play. Red lamb is a good mix of hard rock and thrash metal that is very catchy. The album sounds amazing despite not being mastered; however, if I had to make any complaint about production, it would be the fact that the bass drum can be a bit too punchy at times. Other than that, it’s very tight. You can hear a lot of Mustaine influence in the songwriting, guitar-work and vocals. Spitz rhythms are stellar and his leads sound amazing. It’s quite obvious that he’s not rusty in the least bit when it comes to the six strings. Patrick Johansson’s drumming is really good, though a bit stock at times. Don Chappin’s vocals vary quite a bit throughout the record and at times you could almost swear that it’s Mustaine growling and sneering on the mic. Lyrically there are times that can be a bit cheesy and cliche, but after all, this is heavy metal and you’re bound to run into lyrical fremage  every now and then. Let’s talk about a few songs.

“The Cage” is a great starter to the album. As you can see from the video, it starts out fairly soft and then bursts into a heavier bit with gang vocals and cool riffs. “One Shell” (In The Chamber) kind of sounds like a Saliva tune as it starts, but evolves into a harder rock song but still has a Saliva feel to it at moments. “Runaway Train” is one of my favored tracks with a certain Megadeth sound to it. You can really start to hear Chaffin’s vocal variance in this song. “Puzzle Box” is a song that is very personal to Spitz. It’s a song about Autism and some of the the struggles that parents with Autistic children go through. Dan has Autistic twin boys and if you don’t know anything about Autism, please make yourself aware by visiting Parenting can be difficult enough, but imagine being a parent of a child or children that you love dearly that has Autism. Without saying too much, this song hits close to home for me as well. Lastly, “Angels Of War” is an especially cool track with a declining type riff and a dark feel to it.

Overall, Red Lamb have released a solid debut album. Not everyone is going to dig it, but I have a feeling that those of us over 30 or so, will surely enjoy. There are also some guest musicians on the album, but details haven’t been revealed yet as to exactly who and where, with the exception that NIN’s Chris Vrenna plays on every song. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon and in a few weeks physical copies will be available through Amazon. For a great interview with Dan Spitz, visit MetalInsider.


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  2. great cd. it does sound like mustaine singing though, really sounds like a megadeth record, thumbs up if your into thrash metal

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