Devil’s Review: Goatwhore – Blood For The Master

Years ago before I actually heard the band, the name Goatwhore always made me snicker a bit. The name was one of those that I wouldn’t take seriously, simply because it just sounded overly cliche for a metal band. Then I was offered a copy of Carving Out The Eyes Of God for review, which I deemed it as “what a modern metal album should sound like”. I was pretty much hooked from there. In 2009 I saw them three times and every show which was pretty much the same as the last, had some much fire and energy that you can not help but have a fun time at a Goatwhore show, even if you have to sit/stand through a shitty opening act. Three years later and the NOLA blackened thrashers are back with Blood For The Master, out today.

Blood For The Master wastes no time getting things started. From the very first second, it’s full speed with Collapse In Eternal Worth opening up the album. You may have seen the video already for this single.  Anyway, right from the get-go you are like “Yep, that’s Goatwhore.” Let’s be honest; there really isn’t a lot of variety in a Goatwhore album, but that doesn’t stop BFTM to present little surprises here and there, like “Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos”, which starts out with an acoustic bit, backed by an eerie high pitched soloing before stomping in with the norm. Every song from there on out is everything you would come to expect from Goatwhore after their last four albums.

One of the best things about Goatwhore is that they don’t limit themselves to song that they can play live. There are bands that incorporate ideas and concepts into their songs that they can’t play live or may find difficulties in playing live. Goatwhore can play every song on every album live without having to rely on special effects. Pure energy goes into every song they play and record and if you ever attend a Goatwhore show then you will find this to be true. They are relentless touring warriors that bring the goods every time. Their albums are no exception and Blood For The Master proves it.

Goatwhore has a formula for their sound that works and has worked well for them for four previous albums, so why try to fix something that is by far not broken. While some may see this as a weakness, I truly believe it is one of their strengths. I’ll use the statement again that Blood For the Master is ‘everything a metal album should be’: heavy, raw energy that flows through the marrow of your bones from beginning to end. Fans won’t be disappointed with the new release. Call it blackened death metal, blackened thrash, or whatever feels right, but know that it is metal nonetheless and doesn’t compromise to today’s trends and weaknesses.



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  1. Hell yes! I was at the music store this morning when they opened to pick this up. I’ve been a fan of Sammy Duet since the moment Acid Bath’s “When the Kite String Pops” was released, the dude’s a fuckin riff factory. I saw Goatwhore in Oct. or Sept. 2010 at a small club with only about twenty people and they performed as if playing to a packed arena, after setting up all their own equipment. My nutsack has a lip rest for anyone who doesn’t respect these guys.

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