Ghoul Needs A Tour Van ASAP. You Can Help

Kickstarter has become the ‘humorous way to beg for money for our tours or projects”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great marketing thing especially for obscure or unknown bands to get things done because let’s face it metal is not a money maker. This time we have the band Ghoul who is supposed to be on tour supporting Gwar (along with our friends Legacy of Disorder) shilling for a new tour van. And what better way to ensure this tour is filled with maximum fun and not have a band drop off of it is to donate. Here is the promo video the guys…er…mutants put together to get your donations.

If you want to help out you can go to this Kickstarter site and get that obviously awesome swag depending on how much you donate. Because honestly Ghoul needs to be on tour with Gwar.


One response to “Ghoul Needs A Tour Van ASAP. You Can Help

  1. Kickstarter can really be fun sometimes. A couple friends of mine recently used it to raise funds for recording, but there were some ridiculous prizes at the higher pledge levels- like I think for $500 you could get the privilege of spending a day at the singer’s house doing yardwork or laundry or whatever.

    Actually now that I think about it, there are probably some bands out there that have fans crazy enough to do something like that.

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