Buy a Metal Hammer Magazine And Get a Powerwolf Live Album.

Well here’s a new way to release a live album. One of my new favorite power metal bands, Powerwolf, are releasing a live album on March 14th. the catch? You have to buy the April issue of Metal Hammer to get it. If you’re in Europe or more specifically in Germany you’re in luck. Here is the actual press quote from the band on it.

The time has come to reveal a surprise:
After four Studio albums and countless live celebrations, the time has finally come for a POWERWOLF LIVE ALBUM to be unleashed upon you. The album featuring 10 songs will be entitled “ALIVE IN THE NIGHT”, and will be exclusively released with the April issue of METAL HAMMER Germany, out on March 14th (the album will ONLY be available with Metal hammer, so make sure to get your issue). More details will be revealed soon, for now, here´s the cover artwork, created by Matthew.
For all of you, who can´t purchase Metal Hammer Germany at their local mall of choice, here’s a link where you can pre-order the issue with “ALIVE IN THE NIGHT”:

I’m guessing since it’s being included with the issue it’s going to be one of two things. A redeemable code to get a digital copy or most likely a 7 inch vinyl disc inserted into the magazine itself. This should be fun though as it can also be essentially a perfect introduction to the band if you’ve never heard them before.


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