The Title of This Video Says It All. Shit Metalheads Say

You know how there is that annoying trend of Shit that say that was started by that guy who thought his old Dad was the funniest person on the planet and they made a show starring William Shatner that didn’t last more then a handful of episodes because humorous articles never transfer to the screen very well? Well we’re in luck because these guys included metal into this trend because you know, metal is always the last to grasp onto things like this. Regardless this video is pretty funny because it’s pretty accurate on pointing out how snobbish, elitist, and self delusional metal heads can be. Not to mention borderline retarded to the outsider looking in. So sit back and enjoy the vid and who knows, you might do some self reflection and correct any of these things you think might be a fault. Credit Draeden for finding this. Personally for me it’s near the beginning where they’re talking about European metal and the ‘all their old shit’ references.


4 responses to “The Title of This Video Says It All. Shit Metalheads Say

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