Randy Blythe: "I am a bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool, hard-core, cutthroat alcoholic"

Every now and again, you run across an interview from one of your favorite, or former favorite artists that pours their heart out and tells the die-hard truth about life and what they have learned. You might read some words that you don’t want to hear and other words of inspiration that touch you in a away that not only works in the world of a celebrity, but also in an average person’s life. Denial is not a river in Egypt, as has been said a million times. They say insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. While in science that sometimes actually works, in life’s lessons, it isn’t more true. There comes a time when you just finally get tired of counseling and telling yourself the truth and somewhere along the line you actually take action. Some people aren’t quite there yet, but they’re drawing closer every day. Randy Blythe reached that final time where he just had to scream “ENOUGH!” and took action. I’m only going to quote a part of this interview, but if you want to truly draw a certain inspiration from words of a man who got his ass kicked by a friend on a DVD that was distributed to his fans, then came back as a totally different, humble person in the next DVD, then you should read the entire interview at Spin.com. To Randy Blythe: I respect you so much more than I did 4 years ago. You’ve showed your fans that there is solace and triumph beyond chaos and self-destruction.

I drank for a good 20 years. A year or two ago, I’d had enough and got sober. I always thought nothing could ever beat me. But drinking beat me into a state of submission. I tend to think of drinking like this: If my neighbor was a 14-foot-tall giant ninja, and I woke up every morning, walked outside, and said, “Hi, Fred the ninja, how are you doing?” And he’s like, “Oh hey, Randy, how are you doing?” And then if I rear off and kick him right in the balls, he’s going to beat my fucking ass. I did that every single day — I fought the 14-foot ninja every day — and I got my ass kicked every day. I can tell you from personal experience, if you’re an alcoholic, you are most definitely fucked. It’s never gonna get any better. Talk to somebody else who got sober. That’s what I did. I wouldn’t go to an orthodontist for back surgery, and I’m not going to go to someone who’s never been an alcoholic to ask for advice on how to quit drinking.



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