Got Nothing To Do On Friday Nights? Listen To Metal Meltdown.

Sometimes you find friends in the oddest places or circumstances. You see, I spend entirely way too much time on Facebook. And as such I like a ton of band pages. While perusing an update by Hatriot I of course had to retaliate with some numbnut that was bagging on Zetro without even knowing who he was. As it so happened another gentlemen (I’ll be referring him as HAM) got on his case too and as it happens we ended up friending each other on Facebook. Metal bro love, amirite? Well it turns out that HAM moonlights on Friday nights as a metal DJ on the internet. The show is called Metal Meltdown and it’s on a site called rocknetwebzine every Friday night at 8 p.m. PST. This past Friday was the 100th episode of the show and so I decided to check it out. What a great show. Not only can you listen in but you can also jump into chat and talk to everyone including HAM during the show. The setlist is fantastic because it delves in a lot of my favorite territories. Thrash, traditional, and the occasional death metal are the predominate genres and it’s actually pretty fun. So if you’re bored on Fridays check it out and you might make some new friends or hear something you haven’t heard in a long or ever. Here are the pertinent links and you can also find the link on the Devilish Broadcasters section of the main page.

Metal Meltdown on Facebook

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