The Media Is Trying To Ruin Dave Mustaine’s Career And He’s Enabling It.

I’m about to be a hypocrite. I fully acknowledge this fact but I think it’s justified. How am I being a hypocrite, you might ask? It’s because I want metal news outlets like Blabbermouth to stop running articles on Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson’s Christian beliefs. Yet here I am talking about it. But I’m talking about it because I think I have a different take on this then much of what I’ve been reading. You see, this all started when Blabbermouth ran a piece on the fact that he was hoping Rick Santorum would be the next president.Then not more then a few days later ran another piece on the fact that Mustaine is opposed to gay marriage. Now neither of these revelations should not come as a surprise to anyone if you’ve been paying attention over the last twenty five years or so. But Blabbermouth and the trickle down effect of their reporting seem to think this is the greatest and most news worthy shit out there. Ted Nugent is older and it must have been tiring covering his rants so now the media has another whipping boy in Dave Mustaine.

Dave Mustaine has always been a political person. No one remembers when he covered the DNC for MTV back in 1992? He’s always made controversial statements about gays and other hot bed topics. But Megadeth always sold a ton of records in spite of this. So now we’re in 2012 and everyone is acting like this is a new thing. The difference is that Megadeth isn’t selling nearly as well as they used to and if this trend continues they won’t be selling at all. Why? Because not only has Mustaine found a new outlook on life he should also for once in his life keep it to himself. But he can’t. And it’s detrimental in an era where the liberal left want so bad for the gay marriage thing to be this generation’s civil rights movement and they have such a strangle hold on the media that it will destroy any credibility or fame Megadeth once had. And he allows it. Take the gay marriage incident for instance since that may very well be the most damning thing to date. Megadeth is still supporting the latest album ‘Thirteen’ and have kicked off Gigantour. 30 years of music and being a part of a legendary era in metal and the interviewers come up with what Mustaine’s view on gay marriage is? Why? For what possible purpose does that question even serve other then to get a reaction? Which it did and in the internet world that’s called trolling. And Mustaine fell for it yet again.

Let’s talk a bit about Christianity and Born Agains. Mustaine’s past history of mouthing off aside, here is another reason why no one should be surprised at any of this. Dave Mustaine was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. Did you guys know that? The Jehovah’s witnesses are the most restrictive branch of Christianity out there. They celebrate no holidays, deeming them pagan and believe their view of the Bible is the one and only view. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that sex outside of marriage is grounds to be expelled if the parties involved are not sorry for it and homosexuality and gay marriage is an abomination of sin. The men of the household are the ultimate authority in the house making the Witnesses almost as chauvinistic a religion as factions of Islam. So with that background growing up it can only go down hill from there right? Now you take a guy who at a very young age rebelled against that, struck out on his own and became a part of the debauchery that was the 80’s with drugs and alcohol and metal music that at times delved into the arena of black magic or satanic themes. Fast forward to a few years ago and Dave Mustaine becomes a born again christian. Is it any wonder he’s the way he is?

Born again Christians are probably the most aggravating group and are a window of everything that is wrong with Christianity. Most born agains came from a life of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and just generally being a waste of human space. But thanks to having guilt so high they turn to the bible and man….do they turn to the bible. So much so that every free minute they have it’s a proclamation of how much they love Jesus and they want to make sure everyone in contact with them goes to him too. I’ve always felt that Christianity was a crutch for the bad things people do and the insecurities they have and Born Agains are the perfect model for this. And Mustaine is now one of these people. So is Ellefson, who is training to even be a minister. And we know all of this thanks to the media.

The thing that gripes my ass the most is both sides are of the same coin. Christians want everyone to love the Bible and Jesus Christ and be saved from sin. The liberals want everyone to love everyone regardless of gender, race or, sexual orientation. Both sides use the word ‘tolerant’ and not in the way it’s intended. Tolerance is the act of enduring something or someone. This word gets thrown around a lot by liberals but I don’t think they realize that what they want is not tolerance but objectivity. The two are not the same thing. I believe both sides have the ability to tolerate the other but that still doesn’t mean they like it. Now if they were objective then they wouldn’t care one way or another what the other side thinks or is. I realize that the church and government have allowed the Bible to permeate so much in society that it’s become a divisive measure when it comes to social issues. It’s also made the hypocrisy of humans so pronounced it’s sickening. Tell a liberal you’re a fundamentalist Christian and I guarantee that they despise you right then and there. But you damn sure better not say a word about sexual orientation or race. And tell an evangelist you’re a liberal and you’re immediately a sinner and must repent your ways because God hates sin and therefore hates you unless you come to him. But we’re supposed to love one another and be “tolerant”.

You see how much bullshit all of this is? Otep and System of a Down ran their mouths just as much for their agenda but there wasn’t nearly the shitstorm that has surrounded Mustaine. Why? Because the media agrees more with the former. And it helps with ratings or page views which ultimately is why they do these inane things like ask Mustaine about political or social issues. And unfortunately Dave Mustaine with his religious pedigree can’t keep from answering or put in demands that these not be asked. He can choose to but it’s reactionary and could ultimately be his downfall. I realize the era of mysterious legends is over thanks to the internet. Social media and the internet in general puts everyone on even keel with no hint of mystique left. And because of this I believe hatred and ignorance is magnified worldwide. Someone tell me that we are better off now with the internet in these matters then we were in our own regional areas pre-internet. Maybe I need to be delusional and hope that people get so sick of hearing about this stuff that they stop frequenting the outlets that continuously cover it. But the realist says it’s not going to happen. All I know is my “tolerance” has reached it’s peaked in all of it. Media….shut up about Megadeth’s Christianity and Dave Mustaine and Dave Jr., stop feeding the trolls . Neither is serving the best interest of the other or the fans. Some of us don’t care about your agendas either way and just want to hear and talk about the music. That, my friends, is being objective. Thank you.


8 responses to “The Media Is Trying To Ruin Dave Mustaine’s Career And He’s Enabling It.

  1. As a Christian myself, although not of the born again variety, I completely agree with everything you said Rob.

    Also it’s the fact that when the media wants a soundbite from a Christian rather than going to a rational one they find the most insane ones that they could possibly find. Like Pat Robertson or those douches from the Westboro Baptist Church.

    On another note Dave isn’t helping sales any with all his new conspiracy theory songs.

  2. Yeah the conspiracy theory stuff is out there but it’s a lot more entertaining then views on politics and religion that is parroted all over the place. Plus I’d think people out of curiosity would at least give an album a shot if centered around conspiracy theories then if they thought it was going to be full of Christian metaphors.

  3. i was thinking the exact same thing myself the other day. Its not surprising at all that MegaDave holds the views he does and he’s been vocal about them for years. He’s trying so hard to ruin and distract from his musical legacy.

  4. ” this generation’s civil rights movement”. Well said. Remember 18 years ago when we Rob Halford came out and a lot of metal fans shunned hum for it? All those same fans praise him for it now. I could give a shit either way, but there are just some people that you are not going to sway their opinion of homosexuality and if their opinion is not the same as what all the “good people” are saying, then they are going to be scrutinized. It’s funny how people constantly preach free-thinking and then when you state your opinion, you are suddenly the asshole for not thinking the same way as everyone else.

  5. I know this article is months old now, but I just read it, and I want to say how fantastic it is. But I really think Mustaine comes out and views his opinions because he wants to spread the word of his beliefs. Even if it is his own downfall, he’s probably just too stubborn to shut up.
    I agree with everything you just wrote. Common sense… I love it.

      • Very true. Another excellent point you made in the article.
        Somebody, I can’t remember who, said that the internet or social media will be the downfall of mankind, ha ha. Sometimes I think they were right.

      • Before the internet people used to say ”
        Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.”. Nowadays it’s more like “Opinions are like assholes. If you have one, you are one.” My parents have a lot of opinions that I don;t agree with, but I don;t bother plastering them all over the internet for everyone to criticize. However…some opinions are better left kept to yourself and others that agree.

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