Files And Reports False Claims of DMCA Infringment

THIS LOGO BELONGS TO MUSO.COM. THEY OWN IT AND THEY MIGHT EVEN SEND US A DMCA OVER IT. is a service that copyright holders such as the music and movie industry can hire to report and file DMCA violations to “cyberlockers” such as Mediafire, Rapidshare, etc. Now I don’t know exactly how their system works, but I can only assume that it is a software based “bot” system that combs the internet through keywords and phrases, looking for illegal content that is infringing on copyright laws. Then the “cyberlocker” sends the account holder, or uploader a DMCA notice and suspends the files or even the account. Yes, I suppose this is a good thing, especially for the holders of said copyrights. Unfortunately, this system also makes mistakes and gets legitimate files suspended. With the whole Megaupload case going on right now, I’m willing to bet that Mediafire and the rest of the file upload hosting world are scared of ending up in the same boat as that douche Kim Dotcom guy, so they are quick to take action, warranted or not. “Better safe than sorry” is probably a part of their new mission statement.

Case in point: Back in the beginning of June, 2011, That Devil Music (Us) released a digital compilation album of rock and metal artists that that deserved the attention. We acquired permission from each label or band well before we released the compilation and it was pretty well received. At first we had it on both and our host server. Then when we had some hosting issues with traffic, we decided to only post the link for the mediafire file. No problems for almost 9 months. This morning I awake to an email from Mediafire, stating that the file was violating terms of service due to a DMCA claim from in relation to the band Laaz Rockit. Laaz Rockit was not one of the bands that was on the comp, nor were any of their songs covered by any of the bands on the comp. So why was the file suspended for a DMCA violation in relation to this band? Hell if I know. I filed a counter-claim and sent the an email concerning the file. I don’t expect to hear back from them because chances are, they are a bunch of robots too. Regardless, I’ve restored the link to the comp on our host for download and as stated in the post, we had permission from each and every band/label to use and distribute these songs/files.

Upon further investigation, via the internet, I discovered that other people had the same issue and with their own music. One site, which was a hypnosis sight that hosted their own recorded files via Mediafire, had their files suspended with a relation to “Nuclear Blast USA”.  How their files were associated with Nuclea Blast USA, I don’t know. Chances are that there were some keywords that the bot associated with their client. This company is also targeting Youtube with DMCA claims when people post a song or video.

I have no problem with doing what they do; just as long as it doesn’t affect the people that are losing legitimate files through false claims. What is supposed to happen is when search bot discovers possible DMCA violations, it sends a list back to the copyright holders for further verification. The copyright holder then is supposed to verify files and tells to send out the DMCA. However, with a “Managed” account, decides what is in violation and sends out claims, sometimes filing false claim after false claim, suspending any files that its bot deems in violation of a copyright holders ownership. Nice, eh?

Note: does not host or link to illegal downloads.



4 responses to “ Files And Reports False Claims of DMCA Infringment

  1. Dear thatdevilmusic,

    Founded in 2008, bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and rights empowerment, in over 15 countries worldwide for the motion picture, music, software and sports industries. Backed by an experienced team of software engineers and legal consultants, and fronted by a dedicated 24/7 customer support team we are committed to the highest possible standards.

    Part of the service is a manually administrated dashboard, which allows verified rights holders to search millions of different sites for their copyright protected titles and remove each instance of infringement our system discovers.

    Occasionally, due to the inconsistency of the Internet, files will be incorrectly labeled, either by user error on the individual site, or our system wrongly classing a file. Furthermore, with our self-managed service, our rights holders take legal responsibility for fully verifying the content for takedowns they are issuing against, in compliance with local country laws.

    We have a complete and efficient cycle of response and restore for each every instance of takedown counter-notification that is upheld.

    If in this instance, you do not feel your counter notification was correctly upheld, or not processed in an appropriate timeframe, we want to hear from you. Please do contact us at or email me directly where one of the team will be happy to discuss this further.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    The team

    Guy Harvey, customer support

    • Mr. Harvey,

      I filed a counter-claim with Mediafire as well as sending an email to the above address (on the same day that I received the notification); neither of which have been answered. Coincidentally…or not, the file is now again available again. If this was taken care of because of the counter-claim and email, then I thank you. I’ve edited part of the original post, but I will not take the rest down. Thanks.

      Scott W.

  2. Hi everyone !

    I had the same issue on a movie trailers whose i had rights to publish !
    MUSO did many things wrong, they don’t seem to be serious at all

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