Approved By the Devil : Gemanon

Funny how things happen on the internet. So if you’ve been checking out our posts you may have run across a humorous video I put up last week entitled ‘Shit metalheads say‘. As it turns out near the end they reference another band I’m somewhat familiar with in Nekrogoblikon so I posted it on their wall. According to the Nekro dudes the guys in the video are from a band called Gemanon and came highly recommended by Nekrogoblikon. So fast forward to the other day and I received an appreciative e-mail from Jesus Sahagan of Gemanon and a request to check out their music. Apparently that video is getting a ton of page views so that’s cool. It also turns out that Gemanon is based in the South Bay so not too far from me and I must be getting old because I didn’t even recognize the transit system in the video until I went back and viewed it. So with that all in mind I of course checked out what Gemanon has to offer.

If it wasn’t already apparent this band is young and only have been at this band thing for a few months. I wouldn’t have known that upon the first listen of their E.P. Earthrift if I hadn’t done a bit of research beforehand. Gemanon labels themselves as Bay Area Melodic Metal and that is pretty accurate. In an era where guys of this age are getting into the “core” scene” or djent these guys have decided to take a more melodic approach to their music. Earthrift has three tracks on it and each is diverse and chock full of riffs that pay homage to the Gothenburg melodic metal scene. I can pick out traces of In flames and older Scar Symmetry in tracks such as Meridian which is probably my favorite of the three. Bottom line is Gemanon and their E.P., Earthrift, is already better then material that older and more established bands have been churning out for years. There is a level of progression on these songs that is really quite good in their depth. This is due in large part to guitarist Ryan Alvarado’s impressive skills in riffs and soloing. Paul Anderson is on drums and between him and Jesus on bass the rhythm section is as technical and tight as bands that have been going at this for a decade or more.

Gemanon has my full support in their future endeavors and deserve to be heard because they have something excellent here. Here are the pertinent links for you to check them out and give them your support as well after listening to these songs.

Official Site


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