Support Acts for Bolt Fest Announced. Attendees To This Should be Ecstatic

Back in January I pondered if Bolt Thrower would consider making a comeback. This was in part to the massive amount of response they got to the anniversary of the band charity show they were putting together called Boltfest. The supporting acts have finally been announced and for those 1800 people going what a death metal spectacle this turned out to be. Every single one of those bands with the exception of Vallenfyre are respected bands in death metal. Autopsy,Benediction,Discharge the list goes on. As for Vallenfyre I loved the debut album last year ‘A Fragile King’ as it definitely pays homage to Bolt Thrower so it can only get better for them from here. Here is the press quote from the band on their selections for openers. I swear Europe in general gets all the good stuff and if I haven’t said it enough already….new music please, Bolt Thrower, thank you.

We are very chuffed to announce the bands joining us at our Birthday Bash are: AUTOPSY, DISCHARGE, BENEDICTION & VALLENFYRE.
Every band on the bill has contributed in one way or another to some great memories over the last 26 years of Bolt Thrower, so it’s an absolute pleasure to have them all onboard!!
Seeing that all five bands on the bill only play a few select shows a year, this should be a very special night!

Chuffed. I’ve never heard that word before but then again I’m not a Brit. That might be my favorite word of the day.


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