I’ve Just Found Out About Warbeast. You Should Check Them Out Too.

I want to thank my new friend Ham from Metal Meltdown for introducing me to this band from Texas. Warbeast features Bruce Corbitt (who any of you long time listeners of death/thrash may recall from Rigor Mortis) on vocals and is under the Housecore Record label owned by none other then Phil Anselmo. All I have to say is this the type of thrash I love. Tons of riffs and just a kick in the ass from start to finish. So far the band has one album out, 2010’s Krush The Enemy, and the good news today from their Facebook page is that they are recording a followup to be released later this year. Check out the Facebook band profile as there are 4 or 5 tracks there and really get an idea of why I dig this band. Yeah, yeah I know there is already a thrash band out with war in their name but I dig this style over anything Warbringer has put out. Also is an added bonus of a video they put out for the track Scorched Earth Policy. The video is definitely a tribute to 80’s style videos with performance footage and stage theatrics that would make Judas Priest proud. Check it out.


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