Approved By the Devil: Vulvagun

I really need to start paying more attention to what’s coming out of Australia. This isn’t the country that spawned only AC/DC anymore. All kinds of genres are springing from there and so far bands I’ve discovered have talent to go with it. Enter Vulvagun. Now before you start chuckling to yourself like a little kid saying dirty words here is the idea behind the name straight from the bands website.

I actually came up with the name after a conversation I had with Johnny Beer (Renegade, Wizard Sleeve) about the band Wizard Sleeve being (jokingly) the Kings of Vulvic Metal. For some reason the word Vulvagun popped into my head and I though it was an unusual phrase. So I set about writing a song about how great it would be if women united as a massive army to take over the world and hopefully run it better that all these idiot men have done for thousands of years, and how the bloodshed would cease. Then I thought, “Great name for a band. It’ll show that we have a sensitive side (Ha!)

So there you have it and now to the music. What is packaged on the debut album ‘Cold Moon over Babylon’ is equal parts prog and power metal. If you are a fan of Symphony X specifically in the Mythology Suite era, you will probably find something to your liking here. And you better find something to like because Cold Moon is chock full of songs at 12 tracks and averaging 6 or 7 minutes in length. It’s a themed album which is pretty ambitious for a band that is just starting out but they pull it off.

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Wayne Dywer’s melodic and clean vocals are front and center of a dense album filled with riffs and hooks. George Larin(lead guitars), Evan Harris(bass), and Chris Phillips(drums) round out this assemble that sound like a band that’s been putting this type of music out for a decade and not just for a couple of years. Here is the first video ‘Arise Neophyte’ to get an idea of what I’m babbling about.

Here are the pertinent links to learn and listen to more from Vulvagun.

Official Site: Here you get detailed information as in bio, video, and the actual stream to Clouds over Babylon along with purchase options.



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