Jungle Rot Debuts Video For 'Blood Ties'

Even though I’m pretty new to the death metal scene I still feel like an ass sometimes for not knowing certain things. Case in point, Jungle Rot. Here is a band that after doing a bit of research has been around for almost two decades and I’m just now finding out about them from of all places, Victory Records. Now I bagged on the label a bit when I put my call out for some writer help the other day and the reason for that is for the most part Victory Record’s lineup is consisted of mostly scenecore bands like Design the Skyline. I know Blackguard and Pathology are also signed but the label in general is very ‘core driven. So since I’m still a judgmental prick sometimes I missed some press e-mails on this band until I checked out the video that got released today for the track Blood Ties off the latest album ‘Kill on Command’. I liked the video and the song enough to go Youtube surfing for older material and yeah, I’m digging the Rot. So if you’re a veteran of this band and haven’t seen the video, enjoy. If you’re new like me let me know what you think. And Victory….sign more bands like this please and you’ll get more respect from old guys like myself.


2 responses to “Jungle Rot Debuts Video For 'Blood Ties'

  1. Yes! Jungle Rot is a band I also only discovered across the last year, also thanks to some small press release related to their addition to Victory. I very quickly got addicted, gathered the backcatalogue and have ended up with a new favorite. I can easily recommend any of their other work but Kill on Command’s predecessor, What Horrors Await, is a solid, solid album and well worth grabbing as soon as possible. Then check ’em out live (currently on the road with Deicide) – fabulous live show. My own, slobbering love letter upon falling for the band: http://gogmagogical.blogspot.com/2011/05/i-got-new-sickness-i-got-new-favorite.html

  2. Thanks for pointing this out: Good enough stuff that I’m gonna go and listen to their newest album now. Bit of an odd video though…

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