Thank You Sabaton. Carolus Rex Will Have An English Version

I should have a little more faith in people sometimes. A few weeks ago I was griping because the new Sabaton album was to be released and sang all in Swedish. Well it looks like the guys are not actually alienating their fan base and are indeed releasing an English version of the album. Here is the statement from the official site.

We can now confirm that our new album will be available with both English and Swedish language.

The topics of the songs will remain quite the same and deals with the Swedish Empire, from it’s rise to it’s fall.

Carolus Rex will be available for purchase on single Swedish CD (Sweden only) and single English CD plus a limited edition which features a double CD with both language versions. The double CD will also feature a different cover artwork.

The release is set for Europe and in North America the last week in May, but already now you can pre-order the album.

Alright, so yeah I apologize to Sabaton about a being a bitch about this and look forward to hearing the English version. Here is the track list for it.
Carolus Rex, English version:

1.Dominium Maris Baltici
2.The Lion From the North
3.Gott Mit Uns
4.A Lifetime of War
5.1 6 4 8
6.The Carolean’s Prayer
7.Carolus Rex
8.Killing Ground
10.Long Live the King
11.Ruina Imperii

Check that link above to pre-order though if you are in the States I would actually keep tabs on the Nuclear Blast site for this to avoid steep international shipping charges.


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