Band You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: Meankind

I’m one of those people who is constantly scouring the web for new bands that I’ve never heard of. A few months ago I came across one called Meankind who were offering a free download of their EP 22. Zero. I checked it out and was really impressed; They are a couple of Hungarian dudes who play a catchy form of melodic Death Metal. Judging from their video for “Incomprehensible Appetite” they don’t take themselves too seriously either-something which is sorely lacking with most bands who play Death Metal. They also recently released an EP entitled “Live, Love, Slay..” which is also free at Bandcamp. Check them out and I will try and contact them and see if I can get an interview with them at some point!

Here’s their video for “Incomprehensible Appetite”

And here’s the link to the download of “Live, Love, Slay…”


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