Help Hemoptysis Win the Independent Music Awards

For the second year in a row our friends in Hemoptysis are one of the nominees in what is now the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards. This year though the guys are up for two nominations. Best Metal/Hardcore Album for Misanthropic Slaughter and for Best Metal/Hardcore Song for the track M.O.D. Here’s the deal, I know nothing about their competition in the song category so good luck to those guys but I’m pulling for Hemoptysis. But in the album nomination…hell no to Asking Alexandria winning. Also, since when did they become independent? Last I checked they were on Sumerian Records and are touring on Mayhem fest. Plus I think they suck so yeah, do us and Hemoptysis a favor and put a vote in for Masaki, Travis and the guys.

This year’s panel of judges includes Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Waits, members of GWAR, Keith Richards and many more.

There is that too.

You can vote at this location. On that page you can also select the song category for metal/hardcore and to help you make the right decision here again is the video for M.O.D.


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