Australia's Be'lakor Finally Releasing New Album

I’d like to take this opportunity to raise awareness to something I have a hard time believing exists. No it’s not Kony or the myriad of global issues that plague us in our short attention spans before we move on to something else. It’s the fact that Australia’s metal scene goes mostly ignored here in the States. Yes AC/DC is the biggest export and the much more recent AC/DC worship band, Airbourne, has received some notoriety but seriously there is a much more layered metal scene then this.

Enter Be’lakor. I discovered this band thanks to someone at the late Number of the Blog making the recommendation. These guys from Melbourne put together a form of melodeath that could rival or surpass many of the Scandinavian bands of the same genre. I’d say though that Be’lakor is more of a progressive death metal band of the likes of Opeth at their peak. But they had been pretty quiet since 2009 and it was only earlier this year that rumblings of a new album were coming out. And yes this band was on my Anticipated list of 2012 without a doubt. Well the cat is completely out of the bag as Be’lakor announced today that the new album will be entitled ‘Of Breath and Bone’ and will be released on June 4th. After the jump is the tracklisting and a video to get you intrigued if you’re not already.


1. Abeyance
… 2. Remnants
3. Fraught
4. Absit Omen
5. To Stir the Sea
6. In Parting
7. The Dream and the Waking
8. By Moon and Star

Here is one of my favorite tracks off of 2009’s Stone Reach. Epic stuff.


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