Interview with Ron Vento of Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is a band that has been around for quite some time. It was formed by Ron Vento when he parted ways with his former band Lestregus Nosferatus. I got into them fairly recently with their 2011 release “Timeline (The Beginning and End of Everything” which is offered for free on the band’s website, along with the rest of their discography. “Timeline” is an absolutely amazing concept album, it simply crushes and pounds and will blow your mind if you listen to it. This is extremely well done blackened thrash and blows bands like Behemoth out of the water.

So here I present to you my interview with Ron Vento of Aurora Borealis:

1. Congrats on “Timeline (The Beginning and the End of Everything”). I personally thought it was an excellent album and was one of my favorites from 2011! The concept is quite extensive: Could you explain it for our readers?

The “Timeline” CD is a concept album that starts from the beginning of all existence and continues through until the very end of the universe and the eventual retraction and rebirth of it all. It further deals with subjects such as the Big Bang, to the formation of planets and stars, life in the universe, evolution and Creationism, space colonization, the fabric of the universe itself, time travel, other dimensions and species trying to preserve their races.
It was done for my passion on the subject. My father works at NASA and he can be held responsible for this. Since I was very young he was always bringing home some info on space, or missions. As I got older I realized how important it all was and how so mind blowing all of it is. There are things that are just simply unfathomable out there and some things that will happen in the future that just seem impossible but will happen. Some people may not get into this concept and that is okay. Some people may not even understand some of the stuff on the cd, but it is by far my favorite cd conceptually and lyrically. I think what I have written is not fiction. This cd will happen if the human race can survive long enough to get off the planet and start inhabit the universe. I would encourage everyone to read the lyrics, they will also be included in the digital download of the cd.

2. What was behind the decision to release the album independently instead of with a label? Has releasing the album as a free download hindered or helped sales? Do a large or small percentage of people actually donate for the album as a result of putting it up as a download?

I just cant really stand labels any more. All my experiences with them have been bad. They are only out for themselves and even if the biggest label in the world offered me a deal i would tell them hell no. As far as the download and it hurting or boosting sales i really don’t know. I mean i usually sell a certain amount of cds no matter what. I can say that this cd is much more accessible and therefore it is all over the place. I wouldn’t say a large percentage of people donate but we have had some very generous donations for sure. If people want to donate great if not oh well. I don’t do my band for the money so it really doesn’t matter. I am in a very unique position and i decided I could afford to give the cd away. With the recession going on i am sure there are people that would buy it but cds are not as important as say food so they cant. Or people from poor places in the world. If they can get to a computer they can have it as far as I am concerned. I do get a band or label every now and then send me some negative mail saying you should never give your music away. To hell with them, it is my music and my property so i want to do it. I saw an interview with Dave Mustaine recently where he was blatantly bashing bands that give their music away, that rich bastard should give his fans some free music once in a while it wouldn’t kill him or his wallet. Hell at least a single song or something, they made him. Without them he is nothing.

3. How do you feel about the current trend of “a-la-carte” music services like Spotify, Rdio, Slacker etc.? Do you think that they are the wave of the future for bands to get their music out to fans or not?

I really dont know. I dont use any of them. I know what they are and i have visited the sites but i really don’t even care. I listen to tons of great new stuff all the time that my friends tell me about so i have no need for those sites.

4. Who are your influences?

For my metal music side mostly old thrash bands like Kreator and Coroner, for death metal i like bands like Vader, As far as black metal bands that were once great like Dark Funeral, Marduk, Setherial. i also like some tech metal as well but stuff like Neglected Fields. I like a ton of stuff.

5. Any current metal (or non-metal) bands that you would care to recommend?

Nope, if I did say what i listen to it would scare all of your readers away from my band haha.

6. What do you feel is the biggest thing you’ve accomplished in your career thus far?

I dont have a single thing, i just feel great about my whole life, I have a very successful recording studio where I make my living just recording music every day. I couldn’t ask for a better job. My band has released a ton of great albums, I get loads of fan support from all over the world. I have a great family and fiance. My life is the best. So I guess the biggest accomplishment is my life in general.

7. Thanks,

No Thank you, it is always a pleasure to do interviews, you know how I feel about labels and outlets such as yours help open us up to new fans all the time. I appreciate what you do and the support you know any bands. I would encourage all of your readers to go download our entire discography for free at

Check out the band’s awesome album Timeline here, and while you’re at it check out the rest of the albums, and donate!!!


6 responses to “Interview with Ron Vento of Aurora Borealis

    • Agreed. I seriously think it’s just as high or if not higher than many of the “pro” releases that came out last year and was seriously overlooked by much of the metal press last year.

  1. Cool. I also discovered “Timeline” first, but there’s so much available through the website, all of it on a similar level of quality.

    I admire the decision to give it away – and at the same time I respect others who decide not to follow that same path. It’s amazing to me that other bands would actually take time to contact them simply to complain about it, because it’s just a personal choice how to operate. It seems like it would make more sense to have an attitude like, “Well that’s not the way I would want to do it, but if it works for you, then good luck to you.”

    Also I thought the question about Spotify was an interesting one. Many people do believe that this is the way music is headed, but here you have an example of something that really is best experienced as a full album — you really wouldn’t get as much out of it if you only heard one song streamed. As long as there are still artists producing work like this, I don’t think the album format will ever die (although the physical CD might eventually, I just hope I don’t live that long).

    Phew, I gotta stop rambling, it’s too early in the morning for this. Anyway, interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment, I really enjoyed the album too. However I gotta disagree with your Spotify/Rdio comment. All albums on both of those services can be streamed “on demand” in full, so you don’t lose a single bit of the experience. I’ve been able to find so much stuff I never would’ve heard before without it. The $10 a month fee I pay for both home computer and phone streaming is one of the best deals you can get and I can basically listen to pretty much anything new or old at any moment in time I choose.

      • I see. Cool. Well, I’ve never actually used those particular services, so I guess my understanding of how they work is pretty limited. I was unaware they would have the ability to do a full album like that.

      • Yeah they’re actually really cool services. You can find almost all major and minor labels on both and it’s really awesome to find anything you want in an instant. Both have free trials and Spotify has a totally free option to my understanding. I personally have Rdio and love it.

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