Ken's Retro Pick – CIRITH UNGOL (1980)

Cirith Ungol formed in 1972 out of Ventura California. I liked the sound of this band primarily because of the bass lines and the unique vocals.  Although the band formed in 1972 it wasn’t until 1980 that they signed with Enigma Records with their first album,  Frost and Fire. The line-up of the band was Michael Flint on bass, Greg Lindstrom on guitar, Robert Garven on drums, Jerry Fogle on guitar and Tim Baker on vocals. Unfortunately, founding guitarist Jerry Fogle passed away on August 20, 1998 of liver failure.

After their release of their fourth album, Paradise Lost,  the band split up due to frustration caused by problems with their new record company. On a side note, While Michael “Flint” Vujejia is credited as the bass player on this album, it has been confirmed in several interviews that Greg Lindstrom was actually the bassist on this album.

Here is Cirith Ungol’s classic, Frost and Fire.


2 responses to “Ken's Retro Pick – CIRITH UNGOL (1980)

  1. Awesome. I loved Frost & Fire and King of the Dead and One Foot in Hell. I really need to look at getting them again. I think I had them all on vinyl. They were truly a unique and great band.

    • Thanks Harley, I still have the vinyl as well. I love different bands with different sounds and Cirith Ungol definitely has both. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and support THAT DEVIL MUSIC

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