Meankind Interview

1. Can you give me a bit of background on Meankind? I.E. How did you form and how long you’ve been around etc.

Hey, we formed last summer I think. I had a really boring day and i suddenly decided that i’d like to play something different like anything I had played before. So i wrote 2-3 songs quickly and after it I thought: “Yeah, this is really good, maybe I need to find a singer. A good death metal singer.” So i asked my good friend Peter (Peter Kelner – vocalist of Meankind) maybe he is in the mood to growl something to that songs. He was in the mood 🙂
Then came the idea, that we have to release this stuff. We wrote, record the 22.Zero EP in three weeks, and in this three weeks we also had time to shoot and edit our first music video “Incomprehensible Appetite” (big thanks to Zoltán Baki, our director, editor and mustache). As you can see we never took this project too seriously, we just enjoy the music 🙂

2. Who are your influences?

Everybody who plays good music 🙂

3. All of your promo pictures and video show two guys but your Facebook profile lists three? What’s the deal are you a two piece or a three piece band?

Yeah, we didn’t have time yet to make new photos, but it’s a three piece band 🙂 Before we released the Live, Love, Slay.. EP, guitarist Erik Vándor had joined us. That EP was recorded by the three of us, and we are working together on the new songs.

4. You guys released both “22. Zero” and your “Live, Love, Slay…” for free yourselves. Are you guys planning on continuing to stay completely independent or would you take an offer from a label if they gave you one?

Yeah, if we’ll get an offer, i think we’ll take it. But i can’t see any chance for this 🙂 But that was never our goal. We are realistic guys 🙂

5. Do you have any plans to make a full-length album? If so, will it be a free release again or be charged for?

We are working on our new songs, and who knows… We don’t have any plans yet. If we’ll write enough killer tracks, then maybe we’ll release a full-lenght, or another EP. Now we’re planning to play live someday, so i think that will be our next challenge.
If you haven’t heard Meankind yet go and download their latest “Live, Love, Slay…” for free at Bandcamp now.


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