The Last Candlemass Album Has a Name

Legendary doom band Candlemass as some of you may know is packing it in after one more album. Well, that album is now complete and is being entitled,Psalms for the Dead. It’s set for a release date sometime in June through Napalm Records. What kind of grips my jaw is that not only is the band not getting much press on the fact that this is the last album but the press release items can’t even be bothered to provide a decent size snap of it. Observe.

Exciting isn’t it? Yeah I know a larger will one be sent out later but I don’t know, for a band that was so influential to so many bands and heavily influenced by Black Sabbath you’d think there would be a little more effort put into this thing.

Oh but wait. The 7 inch vinyl single that will include two tracks from Psalms and will probably be limited to 500 copies get’s this treatment.

Anyway, petty promotional crap aside, look for a review in the coming months. I just hope the songwriting finally matches the awesome vocal talents of Robert Lowe. And even if it doesn’t I can get excited that Lowe will go back to Solitude Aeternus after this tour cycle is done.


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