Sebastian Bach And Guns N Roses Perform ‘My Michelle’ Live…And it Sounds Really Good

I used to be a fan of Guns N Roses and Skid Row. Well, okay, I still am a fan of their music. Somewhere along the line though, there must have been some kind of genetic alteration or something in Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose that mutated them into giant douchebags.  Bacj still thinks he’s 24 and Axl still thinks it’s 1988 and he can keep crowds waiting and not go on stage until wee hours of the morning. Neither can sing like they used to and from the size of this stage, Guns N Roses are not nearly as big a name as they used to be. Or perhaps it is the fact that the name is still huge, but people just know better and they’re not going to pay good money to see one original member of the band and have to put up with Axl’s shenanigans. Regardless of all that I just said, there are times when both of these guys still shine. One example is the video below of Bach, Axl and the GnR collective perform the classic ‘My Michelle’ at the House Of Blues in Hollywood, California. It’s not the first time they have performed this song together, but they sound really good here, even with the video quality.


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