Devil's Review: Fellwoods-Wulfram

Fellwoods is another little known gem that I’ve found out about recently. The band is from Portland Oregon and was founded in 2010 by Adam Burke and Ben Spencer. Like some of the other bands I’ve written about, Fellwoods is a Sabbathy, 70’s style doom band in the same kind of vein sound-wise as The Devil’s Blood. If you like that style-and I love it- you will totally love Wulfram. The vocals are not the typical Ozzy clone though-believe it or not- The vocalist reminds me of most of Jack White of the White Stripes, and it totally fits this style of music.

Music-wise, most of the songs have killer hooks with the standouts being the first 5 tracks on the disc, however the entire album is extremely solid.

If you are into Doom or Stoner Rock you will totally love this album-It’s a mystery to me why these guys aren’t on a bigger label as this is some high quality stuff all for the low, low price of the most evil of prices: $6.66 (No joke). Check out the video below and then the rest of the album on their Bandcamp page. If you like it fork over the $6.66 and download the album. Or, if you prefer a CD you can order it from:


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