Devil's Review: Exciter – Death Machine

It has been a long time since I heard anything new by Exciter, probably since The Dark Command.  In fact I don’t even have anything in my collection newer than Unveiling the Wicked.  Here we have the “official” North America release of Death Machine, a nine track, 40 minute blast of speed metal from the Canadian thrashers.

Exciter are certainly not breaking any new ground here in the world of metal music.  An extremely raw production and simplistic song structure throughout the album make this a decent listen, particularly if you are a fan of the band going back to the 80s.  The music isn’t sloppy, but the playing and production aren’t particularly crisp either.  Their in your face thrash is much like the music on their first couple of albums, including the Pounding Metal-like Power and Domination.

No real highlights or bombs on Death Machine, but the vocal performance by Kenny Winter is full of energy and he definitely entertains.  If you enjoy 80’s style speed metal from one of the pioneers of the genre (John Ricci), then pick up Death Machine and bang your head!




 Check out the song Skull Breaker:

I hear the sound in a METAL way.



3 responses to “Devil's Review: Exciter – Death Machine

    • Hah! I personally found the album to be quite entertaining even though as Harley said, it’s not particularly groundbreaking. It’s good old fashioned thrash played by a bunch of guys that should have made it bigger than they are. Kind of reminded me of old-school Anthrax mixed with Overkill.

      One thing I’ve gotta totally agree with Harley on though is the production: It needed to be way crisper than it was and at times the album seemed a bit “muddy” in sound to me.

  1. The review and comments are quite accurate and Exciter always has been under-rated. I particularly love the raw sound and production; the guitar tone is as brutal as it gets! Ricci is a great metal player, but a couple extra riffs per song would be a plus. Overall, a good edition to the Exciter legacy!

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