Devil’s Review: Scythe-Beware the Scythe

I found out about Scythe not too long ago when looking for more information on Rick Scythe’s former band Usurper. The first time that I heard the song “The Iron Witch” on their Facebook page, I was stunned. For a band that I had heard absolutely nothing about and seen no press on, this was some damn good stuff. Unfortunately only two songs were available to stream, but what I did hear left me longing for more and led me to interview Rick for this very site last week. After the interview he graciously provided me with an advance copy of “Beware the Scythe” and I am happy to report that the rest of the album is just as good as the songs on his Myspace and Facebook pages.

The album opens with the previously mentioned “The Iron Witch” which sets the pace for the rest of the album-heavy, crushing death metal with enough of a hook to draw in a casual death metal fan as well. The pace doesn’t let up with the next song Mastermind which has a nice slow bludgeoning groove while Rick growls “I am your master, I am your mastermind.”

This is some solid Death Metal from a long-time member of the scene. While Usurper may not have gotten the attention that it deserved, (Check out Cyptobeast and tell me that it isn’t one of the catchiest Death Metal albums you’ve ever heard) “Beware the Scythe” definitely deserves attention and respect. Order the CD or download the album from Itunes and you are in for a treat. This is some of the best straight-ahead Death Metal you will hear this year.



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