Well That Didn't Take Long. Metal Evolution Is Coming to DVD.

So how many of you watched the Metal Evolution series on VH1 Classic the past few months? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven’t, you’re in luck because it’s coming to DVD. In just five days actually. It will be on 3 discs and of course as one of the extras, there will be the interview Sam Dunn did on That Metal Show. I’ve liked all of Dunn and Mcfayden’s work so far and I think I will pick this up to rewatch it in it’s entirety just to see if I missed anything from the intial viewings. Metal Evolution was pretty informative even if there were some sleights or omissions in regards to specific genres. It is definitely a must have for anyone interested in the history of metal and want to have a different take then what Ian Christe did in his book Sounds of the Beast. Not to mention an update since that book ended it’s chronology at 2003. You can grab your copy at Amazon or VH1.com. Here is the press quote about it too.

“We are very excited to bring VH1’s powerful and comprehensive documentary series to music lovers and devoted metal fans on DVD and digitally for the first time ever,” said Brad Beale, director of digital video content acquisition for Amazon. “Amazon’s CreateSpace on Demand service makes it easy for networks like VH1 Classic to make the content that fans want readily available quickly and cost-effectively.”

4 responses to “Well That Didn't Take Long. Metal Evolution Is Coming to DVD.

  1. I saw most of this show when it aired (completely skipped the Nu Metal episode) and honestly I found most of it disappointing.

    I don’t agree with the specific genres they chose to focus on, because to divide the whole world of metal into seven parts (or however many), I don’t see Grunge and Nu Metal each warranting a separate episode, at the expense of huge chunks of other genres. Some discussion of Melodeath and what he calls “NWOAHM” were shoehorned into the second half of the grunge episode, but otherwise, (besides the variety of T-shirts he wore) there was practically NO acknowledgement that anything more extreme than Thrash has EVER existed.

    The Progressive episode, for example, could have branched out into some interesting territory, instead of spending like five minutes total on Dream Theater, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Mastodon, then devoting pretty much the entire hour to Rush. I don’t know if it’s the Canadian thing or what, but Rush got a brief mention in the pre-metal discussion of hard rock that inspired metal, and that’s as much involvement as they should have had in the series.

    Probably the most fortunate thing for everyone was that Led Zeppelin declined to speak with the show, because otherwise I’m sure there would have been a whole episode about them, too.

    I don’t want to whine about what was included and what wasn’t, but I feel like overall, their focus on certain subjects (certain genres and specific bands and scenes within those genres) was somewhat disproportionate to their actual importance in the history of metal.

    And again, I was upset that there was almost no mention whatsoever that death metal, black metal, and all of their brethren and offspring, were ever a thing. I would not have expected VH1 Classic to put “Hammer Smashed Face” or “Transilvanian Hunger” on the air, but these are entire cultures that have been a large part of metal’s “evolution.”

    Mostly, it bothered me because — I didn’t expect to learn anything new by watching these shows but my wife had hoped to. She’s as fascinated by music and history as I am, and while she doesn’t understand most of the stuff I listen to, she has a respect for it, and is always interested in learning about new things. So considering the fact that she knows very little about most of the subgenres and smaller splinter genres of extreme metal, she had expectations of getting new information about those subjects. And she was totally disappointed, because as a non-metalhead but occasional casual listener, she knew nearly as much of the stuff they talked about as I did.

    Personally, I suspect that VH1 Classic’s involvement steered the direction of this project a bit too much into a mainstream direction, because we both watched some of his past documentary work, and enjoyed that much more.

    • Very valid points though it sounds like you had higher expectations then I did going into it. I usually live by the mantra expect the worst hope for the best:) I figured that 11 episodes of probably 50 minutes each(subtracted the commercial time) was not going to cover enough subjects. I mean honestly, if they were to cover everything to satisfy most of us VH1 would have had to actually make this an ongoing series.

      But yes, death and black metal got omitted quite a bit because let’s face it both of those genres are an acquired taste for the general public. For the casual fan this documentary is pretty good unless they’re married to a metal nerd:P I’m a sucker for documentaries like this though knowing full well what I’m getting. I like to see the different perspective and disagree in my head with some material.

      I’ve yet to see or read anything yet that was 100 percent objective though and not slanted to the authors preferences. Maybe his next one will be a self financed documentary about the genres that got snubbed now that he got bankrolled from this. One can hope:)

  2. Pissed me off that he completely ignored his fellow Canadian, Devin Townsend, in the “Progressive” episode. I wasn’t expecting it to include *too* much about bands VH1 viewers hadn’t heard of, but there was a little too much stuff that apparently didn’t warrant a single mention, Dev being a particularly glaring omission given how long he’s been doing what he’s been doing, and how much of it he’s done.

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